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Tupperware Best 4 Containers Lunch Box (1200 ml) Price: Rs. 650

These modular lunch boxes with a bag make it easy to pack wholesome meal for your child, spouse or any family member. The Tupperware Best Lunch kit is perfect to carry meals to school, office, long journeys or picnics.

Air-Tight and Leak-Proof

All boxes are leak-proof and air-tight, thus prevent the mess due to spilling of food.

Square Away Box

You can pack chapatis or rice in the convenient and spacious square away box.

2 Tropical Cups

The 2 tropical cups are ideal for packing salads and veggies.


The tumbler can hold liquid foods like dal, soup or buttermilk. It is long and narrow, therefore you can drink such liquids directly from it.

Lunch bag

All the lunch boxes can be compactly packed in the lunch bag included in this set. It can also hold a napkin or spoon.



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